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Breaking Through Busyness

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

We live in a society of movers and shakers. Dreamers and Doers. Curious creators. You get the picture.

In my years of living in Silicon Valley, I felt the constant (literal) pressure of the busyness of business. The constant desire to be ahead of the curve. Have the most ingenious invention. And let’s face it- the biggest bank account.

The drive and quality of technology that we have created as humans is beyond impressive.

But at what cost?

The American Institute of Stress says that job pressure is the number 1 cause of stress in the U.S. Whoa!

Are we working to live or living to work?

I don’t know about you, but there’s few things I love more than laying on the beach with no worries, or savoring a meal without the ding of my phone rudely interrupting me.

So what now?

With the rise of the “wellness” field, more and more people are understanding the necessity of prioritizing not just their health, but their overall, well- wellness. Happy hour is turning into Yoga power hour. Cocktails are being replaced with turmeric lattes. And we’re trading in late nights out for early morning meditations sessions.

And it’s incredible- as someone who has been practicing Yoga since I was a teen, I love nothing more than to see people wanting to take better and better care of themselves.

But we need to be doing more, or less for that matter.

Working out, meditation, eating healthy- these are all essential for a happy life. But often it just becomes apart of the busyness. Needing to do more and more. So much that the idea of true leisure time totally falls by the wayside.

So what’s the deal? How can we do all the things we want to be doing? Going after our goals, pursuing our passions, taking care of our bodies, spending time with loved ones- without getting burnt out?

There’s an underlying foundation, a motivation that drives our actions. When that foundation feels like a bunch of bees constantly buzzing underneath you, you bet your booty you’re going to get stung. If that foundation feels secure and sturdy, then everything that comes forth will be that much smoother.

What if I told you that you could be doing all that you do, and more- with less stress?

It’s not by downloading a new app, taking another course, another class. It’s by reframing your mindset. Through my meditation practice and a couple years of Kundalini yoga under my belt, I have come to understand that our experience of time is just that- our experience.

We can bend, stretch, and navigate our way through time and space. Slowing things down, speeding up, squeezing things in places you didn’t know were possible.

Trippy huh?

It’s not as out there as it seems. It starts with our breath. Our personal clock. Research shows that through conscious breathing we can lower our blood pressure, get our digestive juices going, and lower our overall level of stress. Super cool. And super doable.

What else?

The more aware of our actions we become, the more we realize just how busy we are. Even if there’s nothing we actually have to do. We find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through the gram, sweeping the floors for the third time in one day (thanks to my kitties), whatever it may be- it seems like we just can’t stop.

But what if we did? What if we decided that enough is enough. That we get to decide not just how busy I am, but how we navigate through these tasks.

It’s totally possible. But like anything, it’s a practice. It takes time and patience, grit and a whole lot of grace with ourselves. Something that is often robbed from us by our industriousness.

I believe in you, and I believe in us. That as a society we can do less- better.

So let’s start now. Put down the phone- delete the apps if need be, slooowly take in that scrumptious vegan cauliflower crust pizza, take a deep deep breath, and savour your sweet life.


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