I create captivating copy and content for your business, so you can spend more time doing the work you love

"An artist's duty is to reflect the times." -Nina Simone

Your business is your art. It is my job to convey your        brilliance to consumers in a marketable and engaging way.

How you may ask?

  • Cultivating a specific voice that represents your brand with heart and integrity.

  • By understanding who your targeted customers are.

  • Utilizing flavorful language that leaves customers hungry for more.

  • Narrowing down specific goals (More web traffic? Selling product? Growing your customer base?) and working towards them. 

  • Creating a culture around your business, and understanding "Brand Value" in the days of social media.

  • Utilizing SEO techniques.

  • Creating easy to read content that captivates readers.

  • Using meticulous research, proper formatting, and editing.

I uphold the belief that...

  • Grassroots businesses and start-ups create the infrastructure to support social change.

  • These businesses can breakthrough outdated barriers to entry and prosper- through the language they use.

  • We need to think ahead of the times, not with them. Predictive abilities promote persuasion. 

  • In this age, the brands with the strongest ethos, are the ones that will thrive.

Services and Pricing

Website Copy: This is your chance to stand out in a sea of Google searches. We will pin down your target audience and their pain points, and from there, I will create copy that will stand out to them. 

Starting at: $1100

Articles: Meticulously researched information backed by science in an easy to read format.

Starting at: $500

Blogs: Publishing regular blogs enhances SEO and keeps you at the top of the Google food chain while keeping your customers up to date on what your brand is up to.

Starting at $200*

Email Sequences: A sure firer way to hook your clients' attention by providing consistent and captivating information. Establish and secure authority with your customers by providing their inbox with content they actually want to read.

Starting at $100* per email

**Ask me how to save with monthly retainers and bundles that keep them coming back for more.**


Priced on a case by case basis: opt-ins, e-books, product descriptions, and landing pages.